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We all can usually tell when a tyre is low on air, but what about when our tires are low on tread? When getting safely from point A to point B is your main concern, don’t forget about tyre depth. ESPAR tyre tread depth gauges have got your back. ESPAR has established as a Leading Manufactures of Biggest Range of Tread Depth Gauges in The World. 

Learning About Wheel Balancing

Wheel balancing helps to ensure that the weight of the wheel is evenly distributed when it rotates.

Static Vs Dynamic Balancing

Static Vs Dynamic Balancing Static balancing uses one set of wheel weights in the center of

Manual Bead Pressing tool kit for tire changers

No Run Flat Tyre Changing Machine? But need to change low profile tires??

Don’t worry we have a solution for you.

Now, easily change low profile tires on your convectional tire changing machine with this accessory:

Ultimate Guide To Latest Tyre changing accessories by ESPAR

ESPAR has complete range of elite quality Tyre changing machine consumables and accessories. These tools are manufactured in-house, made to fit and are durable. We have earned a reputation for quality based on our customer experiences.


Are You Tired Of Using Semi-Automatic Tire Changers? Want To Change Tires Quickly? But Can’t Afford To Dump Your Machine To Buy Fully Automatic Tire Changing Machines? 


An ISO 9001:2015 and 14001:2015 Certified.
R. K. ENTERPRISES popularly known by its brand name ESPAR, was established in the 1980’s and having excellence in manufacturing and delivering quality products all over the world.

At ESPAR we offer world-class products and excellent service of the highest standards at any place and any time. Quality is the guiding light at ESPAR. The products manufactured undergo stringent quality control as per the international standards.

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