Wheel Balancing Weight Plier ( Premium )

Model No. RKE -1011711
Description – Loosening, cutting to size and securing wheel weights.

Accessory for Premium Plier. 
Model No. RKE -1011711C
Description – To protect alloy rims from damage.
For Plier RKE 1011711 only.

Wheel Balancing Weight Plier (Sheet Metal)

Model No. RKE -1011712
Description – Loosening, cutting to size and securing wheel weights. Pocket Friendly Model.

Rim Width Caliper

Name- Rim Width Caliper (with Ears)
Model No. RKE 1011721                                    Description- For measuring the inner and outer width of the wheels

Name- Rim Width Caliper (for Trucks)                         Model No. RKE 1011722                                     Description- Measuring rim width of Truck wheels

Quick-Lock Nut for Wheel Balancing

Model No. RKE1011741
Sizes – 36/38/40mm

Model No. RKE1011742
Sizes – 40*3/40*4mm

Model No. RKE1011743
Sizes – 40*3/40*4mm

Standard Pressure Cup

Model No. RKE1011744
Sizes – 36/38/40mm

Model No. RKE1011747
Sizes – 36/38/40mm

Model No. RKE1011745
Sizes – 36/38/40mm

Model No. RKE1011748
Sizes – 36/38/40mm

Model No. RKE1011746
Sizes – 36/38/40mm

Model No. RKE1011749
Sizes – 36/38/40mm

Rubber Ring For Pressure Cup

Model No. RKE1011750
Sizes – 36/38/40mm

Universal Wheel Balancing Adaptor

Model No. RKE1011751
Sizes – 36/38/40mm

PCD Measuring Tool

Model No. RKE1011752
Description – To measure pitch circle diameter of wheels having mounting holes 3, 4, 5, and 6.

Motorcycle External Clamping Kit

Model No. RKE10117523
Description –Mounts Motorcycle wheels for balancing without removing the bearings on the Balancing Machines. The out-clamp arms keep the wheel firmly in place. Supplied with mounting hardware. Suitable for 40mm shaft dia.


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