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March 07, 20011 by Vimmi


Wheel balancing helps to ensure that the weight of the wheel is evenly distributed when it comes in contact with the roads. 

Static Balancing Vs Dynamic Balancing 

Static Balancing uses one set of wheel weights in the center of a wheel whereas, Dynamic Balancing uses two sets of wheel weights due to imbalance on vertical and lateral axis.

 How important is Wheel Balancing ? 

An unbalanced tire can cause vibrations, resulting in driver’s fatigue, premature tire wear and unnecessary wear and tear of your vehicle’s suspension and steering component. Tires should be balanced each time they are mounted on axle to ensure its even.  

  How is Wheel Balancing Measured and Corrected ? 

1. A wheel balancing machine helps in checking the wheel’s balance. 

2. The unbalanced tire is mounted on a balancing machines. 

3. The machine rotates the tire and wheel assembly and automatically calculates the smallest imbalance of difference in wheel weight. 

4. The balancer machine then highlights where the balance counter weight is to be applied. 

5. Using Elite Quality ESPAR Wheel Balancing Weight Plier, ESPAR Premium wheel weights are clipped on wheel rims. 

6. Now what, you are good to go and enjoy the drive. 

ESPAR  has been since 1980’s to provide you with the Most Elite Quality wheel balancing accessories. A Brand you can trust and the quality you will never forget. 

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